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Connecting People, Processes, and Systems

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  • Is your software implementation supported with effective training and change management efforts?

  • Are your business processes as efficient as they could be?

  • Are your employees receiving the training that they need when they need it?
ProGold Consulting, LLC is a documentation, training, and consulting firm, whose mission is to help businesses improve efficiency and profitability by aligning people, processes, and systems. 

Bringing more than eighteen years of experience in business process optimization, auditing, technical writing, training, facilitating, and consulting, ProGold Consulting, LLC helps clients eliminate organizational roadblocks and implement cost-effective solutions.

Whether functioning as a “translator” between software development and end users, facilitating business process changes during a software implementation, or managing training programs for multi-national companies, ProGold Consulting, LLC brings a unique perspective and global approach to strengthening an organization and implementing positive change.